Here we are just a couple days away form the release of  "ANCHORMAN 2"  (Dec. 18th)

and well I'm glad to report the reviews are looking Good!  I have to admit with the huge Media Blitz behind this movie I was wondering if maybe we would be disapointed. And I didn't want Haggleworth, Iowa native RON BURGUNDY too be embarrassed.   But if you check out some of these reviews we should have Fun with Anchorman 2!  But will it be a WHAMMY??


  1. The Hollywood Reporter
  2. The Telegraph
  3. Variety
  4. The Guardian

A couple summers ago David Koechner who plays sports guy Champ Kind was in town doing some stand up comedy and stopped by the KDAT studios.  You also may know him as Todd Packer from "The Office" as well.  David was very humble and actually talked  about the reality of  Anchorman 2.  I just remember sitting at my desk and hearing "Graves is that you? Hey is this Graves"?  And I look up and Its Champ Kind!  : )

Have Fun at the Movie!


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