There are some great, old fashioned household tips out on the web...or straight from your ancestors that you've retained all these years. Here's a few that I like:


  • Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows
  • Use different nail polish colors on keys to eyeball which is which
  • Deodorize water & lemon-soaked sponges in the microwave
  • Boil orange peels and cloves to get rid of bad kitchen smells
  • Punch holes in a milk container lid and water your flowers
  • Use a squeegee to bring up pet hair in your carpet
  • Apply baking soda and water to bring out splinters
  • Use colored bread tags to label cords in power strips

And, of course WD-40 can work wonders on stains of all sorts!

Some of these go waaaay back, others are more recent discoveries. I'm sure MacGyver would be proud of this list. I had a mullet similar to his back in the 80s that I was proud of.