My wife has done it again.  She's sucked me into 'The Bachelorette.' It's so bad I insisted she hold the DVR until I got home tonight so I could watch the hometown dates.

This season's 'Bachelorette' is Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman (above) from Atlanta.  She's been sending guys home over the last several weeks, and now just three bachelors remain.  One of those is Iowa's own Chris Soules (below), a farmer from Arlington.

Chris is a farmer through and through.  He suggested Cedar Rapids when Andi asked about places she might continue her career.  Hey, it's only an hour and 11 minutes from Cedar Rapids to Arlington, so it's certainly doable.

Here's hoping the Iowa man gets the girl.  I just have a bad feeling her heart will tell her an Iowa farm isn't where she wants to spend her life.  If that's what happens Andi, I'm with all the guys on the show...please just don't pick Nick V.