Radio Shack is closing over 1000 stores and will probably end up closing all of them. They had that ill-fated attempt last year to re-brand themselves as "The Shack."

Guess "Radio" was a bad word. That was the beginning of the end.

Also found it odd that, for many years, they had a Lindale Mall location and one across the street next to Pet Smart. Kinda like the myriad of auto parts stores in Marion. Supersaturation!

I've always enjoyed browsing at Radio Shack. I'm a geeky, wired home entertainment guy now. When I was a kid, gadgets in that store were the best. Guess I'm going to have to fully rely on the Geeky Squadders now.

Some bigtime players of the brick-and-mortar set have fallen of late. Montgomery Wards, Walden Books, Blockbuster, Sam Goody, Musicland and more.

Which ones to you miss the most? Comment below and we'll chat it up on KDAT!