In a definite sign of spring, the Iowa City Water Division has started opening and flushing water hydrants to remove sediment and clean water distribution pipes.  Hydrants are also being checked for any repairs that may be necessary to ensure adequate water pressure for the Fire Department during emergencies.

Rust from iron pipes may be released as part of the process, which may cause some temporary tap water discoloration. If this happens, let the water run until it clears. Wash laundry in the evenings or weekends, as flushing will take place during between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To find out when hydrant-flushing will be performed in your neighborhood, visit and check on the maroon "Hydrant Flushing Schedule" box. The information will be updated daily, and the box will only be visible when flushing is underway.

Hydrant flushing should be completed by mid-June, weather permitting. There are over 3,200 fire hydrants in the City that are checked and serviced each year in the spring and fall.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images