We could not be more proud of the work that Four Oaks does for children in Eastern Iowa. That's why it's always our pleasure here at KDAT to support the annual Four Oaks Golf Classic.

The 21st annual event was another exceptional outing at the CRCC today. My KDAT co-worker Mary Drake and I shared some [sometimes errant] shots with Joe Lock from Four Oaks and Verne Bagley, retired assistant chief of the Cedar Rapids Fire Department.

Thank you, Joe and Liz Mathis for a fantastic day for an incredible organization. See you at the 22nd annual event!

Four Oaks Mission
Four Oaks assures children become successful adults.

Four Oaks Vision
Expect Success.

Four Oaks Symbol
The Four Oaks symbol represents the family, the community and the agency standing together with the child to build a future strong as the mighty oak.

Four Oaks Philosophy
Four Oaks services are focused on and rooted in the family. We empower children and families to achieve stability, self-sufficiency and permanency.