These Winter Games are awesome. Every four years, we get the best-in-class athletes from around the world doing amazing things on frozen surfaces. I love it. They train for years and get just a few seconds to prove to the world that their skills are tops. Just wish the biathalon, curling and other "non-trad" events were more optimized for prime time viewing. That said, there's high drama on the ice with Gracie Gold battling the 15-year-old kid from Russia. With a name like Gold, I think the American is destined for the top of the podium. And, the USA performances in snowboarding have been fantastic. The camera work on those slopes is stunning. Never has HDTV looked any better.

Tonight in prime it's Men’s snowboarding (halfpipe), figure skating (pairs short program), women’s freestyle skiing (slopestyle), women’s ski jumping (normal hill).