We've all seen some amazing sunsets here on terra firma. Last night's over Cedar Rapids was nicely layered.

I'm a big fan of dusk. After a busy day, Mother Earth settles into nightfall with a slow and spectacular fade.

Some of my favorites...

  • RAGBRAI 2012 over the Cedar. My son and I made the trek from Vinton to C.R. It was his first exposure to the ride, so we gave him a little test drive. I did 8 RAGBRAI's in the 1980s. Still the same, unique ride in the modern era.
  • Dalzell Field/Dubuque Senior. Sophomore year, our football team kicked [punted] off at 5:30. Lights were on by the end of the game. Nice Sunset-to-Friday-Night- Lights transition.
  • Our honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. My wife and I were on the beach every night watching the sunset while waves crashed in. I distinctly remember the din of the palm trees. They make a lot of noise on windy days.

Beach sunsets are incomparable.

Tomorrow's Sunny/85F day at on the Coralville Res will be condusive to a spectacular Sunset Of A Beach Party. Join us tomorrow at Bobber's in North Liberty from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

May your sunsets be spectacular tonight and forever.