Are you a cell-phoner who doesn't use a security code? Seems like a nusiance, so I haven't loaded mine up with a swipe or numeric code. The more I read about phone theft, I'm inclined to add one to mine.

The 5 ways to protect your phone from theft or loss from Consumer Reports has some good tips.

  • Use a strong screen lock. Bypass the easy 4-digit code and use an 8-digit code with a wide array of letters, numbers and characters.
  • Download a "Find My Phone" app.
  • Attach a tiny note to the back of your phone. An analog tip in a digital world.
  • Put your memories in Cloud/external drives. Backing up pictures and data is essential.
  • Find and keep your unique ID number.

This is a cool article from NBC News. There's quite a push to make standard a killswitch in all phones. When yours is lost or stolen, it would be rendered useless. Love that idea. Some carriers don't because phone insurance is such a big part of their $$ portfolio.

Before my phone turns into fish food at Pinicon Ridge this weekend, I'd better bolster it before grabbing my tackle box.