While you are enjoying our Peck's Flower Shop "holiday pink" website this week, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some facts and figures surrounding the holiday. The British website Female First has put the microscope on Valentine's Day.

  • About half of single men surveyed say they'd rather be in a dead-end relationship than alone.
  •  Flowers don't always have to come from your significant other.  10% of people have sent THEMSELVES flowers on Valentine's Day.
  •  40% of women think it's a cliché to propose on Valentine's Day.
Aside from debunking myths, the She Knows site has your standard fun facts about Friday.
  • $1 billion will be spent globally on chocolate this weekend.
  • 27% of WOMEN will buy flowers this Valentine's Day
  • 220,000 people will propose Friday.
  • 3% of pet owners will get their furry friend a gift.
  • The majority of roses shipped originate in South America.
However you celebrate, here's to the best of love connections!