It is perhaps our greatest sporting event in the U.S. Yes, the Super Bowl is great, the Daytona 500 is huge too. But the men's NCAA basketball tournament is something special. 68 teams vying for the national championship. We have selection shows and bracketology 'experts'. It gets so crazy we end up calling it all 'March Madness'! But where did the term originate?

The phrase 'March Madness' traces it's origin back to Illinois and that states' high school basketball tournament which began in 1908. In 1939, an author wrote an article about that tournament and called his piece 'March Madness'. It wasn't until 1982 that the term was used to talk about the NCAA men's tournament.

Brent Musburger 'March Madness'.

So enjoy the buzzer beaters, the upsets, the brackets and all the sights and sounds of this year's March Madness!


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