One of the things I love about living in Cedar Rapids is all of the great local restaurants that we have. I spent most of my life in Michigan eating at chain restaurants, so when I moved here, I was thrilled to have so many new places to try! Sure, I'll hit up a chain restaurant here in Eastern Iowa once and a while (even I can't resist the call of Texas Roadhouse's rolls with cinnamon butter), but I prefer to support local places as much as possible.

Over the course of the last several months, I've eaten food from a lot of great restaurants here in the Cedar Rapids area. Sometimes I call in a to-go order, but I usually like to sit down and enjoy my food in the restaurant. Here are ten of the best places I've eaten since November of 2023:

10 Awesome Cedar Rapids Restaurants I've Eaten At This Winter

Here are some of the great restaurants in the Cedar Rapids area that I've enjoyed from November of 2022 to February of 2023!
  1. Sacred Cow Tavern - 1000 7th St SE, Cedar Rapids
  2. Sugarfire Cedar Rapids - 2350 Edgewood Rd SW, Cedar Rapids
  3. Coyle's Hibachi Chef - 3847 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids (also has a food truck)
  4. Runt's Munchies - 118 2nd St SE, Cedar Rapids
  5. Chophouse Downtown - 411 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids
  6. Daisy's Garage - 5240 Edgewood Rd NE, Cedar Rapids
  7. Lucky's on 16th - 86 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids
  8. Black Sheep Social Club - 600 1st St SE, Cedar Rapids
  9. Midtown Station - 715 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids
  10. MIX Sushi & Kitchen - 1138 7th Ave, Marion

Have you been to a delicious local restaurant lately that you would recommend to other Eastern Iowans? Tell us about it in the comments!

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