On January 13th, 1922, the longest attack of hiccups allegedly began in Woodbury County, Iowa.

It all began when 29-year-old Charlie Osborne from the city of Anthon in Western Iowa, was preparing a 350-pound hog for slaughter. He told his story in People Magazine in 1982 saying:

"I was hanging a 350-pound hog for butchering. I picked it up and then I fell down. I felt nothing, but the doctor said later that I busted a blood vessel the size of a pin in my brain.”

It's said that he used to hiccup up to 40 times per minute which later in his life reduced to 20 per minute.

You would think that non-stop hiccups would make it hard to do everyday things, like eating, for example. Even though chronic hiccups have been known to cause severe weight loss and even death due to exhaustion, the 5’4″ Osborne was able to keep his weight steady at 145 pounds throughout his life.

Despite his condition, he was able to lead a normal life, which included being married twice and fathering eight children. In 1983 he was even featured on The Johnny Carson Show.

Finally, in 1990, his hiccups stopped ---- and 11 months later he died at the age of 97.

It has been estimated that he hiccupped 430 million times over the 68-year period.

I sure hope for his sake that the hog that somewhat caused the hiccups was delicious.



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