Like every state, Iowa has some stupid laws on the books. Most were written long ago. Some were probably passed in the heat of the moment, perhaps when a council member caught a rival's pet pooping on their lawn. Others may have played a role in helping to get someone elected.

Regardless, you can't deny that plenty of these laws are completely useless. But they remain on the books. So now the question is: how many of these 12 stupid Iowa laws have you recently broken?

Just to be clear, many of these laws were passed in a different time, but it's still hilarious to wonder why they ever needed to be written in the first place:

Within the city limits, a man cannot wink at a woman he doesn't know. Screeching your tires is against the law. You cannot ride a mule down the street unless the mule wears a straw hat. Snowball fights are illegal. Musical car horns are not allowed. A woman cannot buy a hat without her husband's permission.

Striking a vending machine that stole your money is illegal. You cannot scream in a haunted house. No one may wear a bee in their hat. Spitting on the sidewalk can result in you getting a ticket. You can't whistle or sing on the streets at night. Serving wine in teacups is against the law.

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