Sure, the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival *sounds* great — artists like Beyonce, Cardi B and The Weeknd have made sure of that. But what does it look like? Glad you asked.

When it comes to the annual concert series in Indio, California, fashion is half the battle, and not just where performers are concerned. Between shows, festival-goers roam designated space with outfits that might eventually wind up in the Smithsonian, mixing fringe, feathers and leather that might otherwise be reserved for the Folsom Street Fair. Colorful, bold and risky, Coachella style rarely leaves music fans bored.

Below, we've collected the 2018 season's most daring style, from massive, Flamenco-inspired sleeves to garments made up exclusively of pom pom balls. And if you didn't know what exactly a Borat-inspired, leather speedo-harness hybrid would look like, you soon will.

Check out the myriad Coachella looks below, and be sure to check out the schedule of second weekend performers, many of which will be broadcast live via select YouTube channels. Check out the full hub of available streams here.

The Best Style of 2018 Coachella: Weekend 1

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