Just be sure not to use the beverage in your hand to water the plants and you'll be fine!

During the pandemic, a place with the coolest name ever and an equally cool concept opened in central Iowa. Pots & Shots opened in the Des Moines area in 2021 as a unique place for plant-lovers to gather and get their drink on, while also partaking in one of their other favorite pastimes. You can actually stop by, order a glass of wine, and be immersed in greenery, with experts helping you pick out the perfect houseplant.

A similar concept is opening soon in the Corridor, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Iowa City welcomes the area's first "plant bar", known as "The Green House". It is going to be located at 505 E. Washington St., Unit 1842, and open in just a couple of weeks. That is the former home to Van B's Brew. According to the Gazette:

The space will feature lush greens ushering in a relaxing aura complemented by Iowa beers, kombucha, ciders, plant-themed cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages like herbaceous or fruity slushies. Owner Emily Salmonsen has been working for the past few months to renovate the space, which has been vacant since November 2020.

The whole ambiance sounds fantastic, with the place soon to open after a little renovation including "ample patio space and large windows, will offer a cafe-like environment with both daytime and evening hours." It will open at the end of August if all goes according to plan.

Milo Mini-Resort

Mini-Resort in Milo, Iowa

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