If you're a Hawkeye fan hearing about all the transfers lately and wondering what more could go wrong on the way to Nashville for the Music City Bowl...read on.

It's a thought not lost on many that with all the do-it-yourself travel booking sites out there, what can a travel agent in a brick-and-mortar office offer anymore? In their defense, because I know several of them, a lot. They're often very helpful to the uninitiated and non-tech-savvy traveler who just wants everything taken care of for them. Who wouldn't?

Working with them has always been an especially big advantage to folks wanting to get their bowl game packages arranged hassle-free. Throw a wrench into that plan this year thanks to no fault of theirs, but due to airline staff and pilot shortages.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, at least one local travel agency says that for the first time in decades of organizing such trips, they will not be able to make chartered flights available to passengers wanting to attend the Music City Bowl in Nashville when the Iowa Hawkeyes take on Kentucky on New Year's Eve day.

Unless you'd rather fend for yourself and wing it, no pun intended, you'd have to take a spot on their 46-seat motorcoach package for the game--including three nights at the Virgin Hotels Nashville. Cramming into a bus to go to a bowl Iowa debatably deserves to be in, with a team they're barely able to field due to all the recent aforementioned transfers. Sounds like luxury to me.

The charter bus trip sold out so fast that they are having to consider adding another one, which tells you there is still demand to watch the Hawks go bowling, but still--wow.

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If you can drive or fly yourself to Nashville, and land game tickets, they say they can still help you with packages that include hotel stays, ground transportation to the stadium, and to UI events, as well on-site accommodations.

As much as I need a vacation and love Nashville, I'll be at home lounging on my couch, watching the game that hopefully on the Hawkeyes' part stays at least competitive enough to stick with past halftime.

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