An Iowa woman has gotten her fortune back with a record-setting return of money from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.

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This is the kind of stuff you dream about except, you actually have to have had the money to begin with. Or at least the makings of the money. Let me explain.

State of Iowa Treasurer Roby Smith has announced that an Iowa woman who had invested over 15,000 shares in McDonald's Corporation has come forward to claim the money.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

McDonald's Corporation considered the shares, and the dividends that went with them, unclaimed. So, they were given to the state of Iowa, which sent the woman a due diligence letter. That letter definitely got her attention.

Roby said the woman responded to the letter and is getting everything back. He announced, "Today we are returning $4.5 million to one Iowan. Now this Iowan has asked to keep her name confidential. We will honor that request. I can tell you it was McDonald's stock and dividend is what we're returning."

The anonymous woman is the new record holder for the largest amount of money returned from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. The previous high was $2.3 million.

As of this writing, people from Iowa have gotten $347,494,817 back from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. We'd all be crazy not to check the website each year because you just never know. You can do that here. May a fortune also be awaiting you.

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