It's great if you're a gal who loves all things football and tailgating on Hawkeye gameday with your guy. But for the ladies who just can't bear it (and have an understanding hubby willing to let them off the hook) there are definitely some essential supplies to host your own perfect "anti-tailgate" party.

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    A Credit Card With a Zero Balance

    Come on guys, you might as well just hand it over and let her splurge at Target while you're catching the big game at Kinnick or Tailgators with the fellas. Make her happy and who knows, she might surprise you with something special.

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


    Definitely a must for any girls' night, or day of catching up. You might head to the Amanas to pick up the wine and double the fun with a little day trip. As always, drink responsibly and designate a driver as needed.

  • Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images
    Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images


    Why let your man be the only one who gets to watch his favorite thing all day? You might as well have an excuse to cry over something besides your husband abandoning you for football. Invite the girls over to catch up on the latest season of Grey's Anatomy.

  • Starflamedia, Thinkstock
    Starflamedia, Thinkstock

    A Full Tank in The SUV

    You know, so she can escape and enjoy her adventurous day without worry. It wouldn't hurt to wash and wax it for her too, guys.

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    Fully-Charged Cell Phone

    If all else fails and you end up getting stuck going to the tailgate party, make sure your phone is fully charged to accommodate all the texts you'll be sending back and forth with all your girlfriends about how boring it is!

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