Business Insider posted a pretty morbid article recently, right in the middle of summer, on the 7 Things That Could Kill You This Summer. Sunburn, improperly grilled meat and mosquito bites all made the list and it's true, these things could kill you--if you don't take the proper precautions. Duh. But I've compiled a list through my own research during the best summer ever of the things that will NOT kill you.

  • Brandon Bourdages
    Brandon Bourdages


    The Business Insider article says this is dangerous. I say it's dangerous not to. Every summer almost requires you to have a cookout or two or six. I'm a "well-done" kind of guy anyway so I don't see illness from poorly cooked meat being a problem.

  • rrvachov, Thinkstock
    rrvachov, Thinkstock

    Listening to Loud Music

    Whether you're listening--or singing--this could indeed be dangerous for you, but only in excess. Even then, don't you owe it to yourself to rock out a little--especially in summer. There are still two more Uptown Friday Night concerts and Boyz II Men and En Vogue playing at the McGrath Amphitheatre later this summer. Also, I am ready for more karaoke. So ignore the fun-haters and let's jam.

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    More accidents occur in the summer than any other time, so that automatically means staying home cooped up so you don't have to fight traffic and risk a fender-bender. WRONG. Get out and play, even if you have to let someone else do the driving.

  • anyaberkut, ThinkStock
    anyaberkut, ThinkStock

    Staring at the Sun

    Again, bad for your eyes, bad for your skin, so avoid it at all costs, right? That's why there's sunscreen and sunglasses. A little sunburn is only temporary anyway. Go out and bask in the bright yellow ball of fun in the sky, possibly even long enough to watch it go down. Don't forget about the solar eclipse later this summer.

  • AFP/Getty Images
    AFP/Getty Images

    Enjoying A Cold One

    I'm talking about water, of course. Always stay hydrated. It will also help you better enjoy your choice of more adult-style beverages, which are a must this summer as well. Just PLEASE designate a driver if you're partaking, or call my new favorite people Uber. And as always, drink responsibly.

  • Thinkstock

    Human Interaction

    OK, so I added one. But this deserves honorable mention. No one ever died making new friends, or hanging out frequently with the ones you have. If they did, who better to spend it with? It does the soul good to spend time with these people, especially right now, so follow Nike and just do it.

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