Happy National Boss Day!

Make sure you take a minute today to suck up--I mean express your appreciation for your fearless leader, the boss, the person who signs your checks. You never know when they---or you, could be replaced by a machine.

Everyone says they fear getting replaced by a machine or a robot, but according to a new survey, 82 percent of people would be perfectly fine with that--as long as it's their boss and not THEM. Those are folks who think the robot can do a better job than their boss, but 64 percent say they would TRUST the robot more.

The things people think robots could do better are managing budgets and work schedules, providing unbiased info and solving problems.

Human bosses are still better at understanding feelings, coaching and creating a work culture.

I'm not sure I'd agree with the results here that a robot for a boss would be better than a human. I can attest to how many times technology has failed us in our job, leaving us humans to pick up the pieces.

But what do you think--could a robot do your boss's job better?

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