Don't won't need any extra sour cream just yet, folks.

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If you were driving anywhere near Urbandale earlier this week, you might have seen a larger than life veggie attached to a truck. Don't worry! You weren't imagining this huge spud!

This 4 ton potato was parked right outside of the Machine Shed in Urbandale on Tuesday October 26th.

Courtesy of Big Idaho Potato Truck
Courtesy of Big Idaho Potato Truck

The company who runs this works with small/local charities all across the country.

Unfortunately, this is not a real potato. It's made of fiberglass.

You won't be able to gather your one hundred closest friends for the mashed potato bar to end all mashed potato bars. Growing this massive faux-tato would take about 7,000 years in reality. Also, the Big Idaho Potato Truck veggie weighs about 4 tons which is actually about 21,562 medium-sized taters.

This year the Big Idaho Potato Truck is celebrating its ninth cross country trip. Nearly a decade ago, the maiden voyage for this huge spud kicked off as a sort of celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission.

What's next for the mega spud? Where is the potato going next? Will the driver just ride this carb into the sunset?

According to the potato's tour schedule, the next stop for tater and crew is Fort Knox, Kentucky at the Fort Knox Commisary. Some other stops include the BYU versus Idaho State game in Utah on November 6th.

If you are interested in getting the Big Idaho Potato Truck to come to one of your events you can reach out here.

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