Now here is something that would ruin your entire day. It might even ruin the rest of your week. If a bear entered your house, do you have a clue what you would do? I've never even thought about it. I might have to start.

You probably have a plan on where to go or what to do if there is a tornado or a fire but have you ever thought about having an escape plan for a bear? Hopefully, this is something you never have to deal with, as there have been multiple citings of a black bear in Dubuque, Iowa.

Unsplash - Danika Perkinson
Unsplash - Danika Perkinson

Imagine one of these getting into your house. A Wisconsin family is recovering from a bear attack, in which the bear entered their home this past Friday night, according to KCRG. The couple noticed the bear eating from their bird feeder. They opened their window and tried to yell at the bear, hoping it would go away. This resulted in the bear going into attack mode and it charged into their house. It broke through the couple's window and entered their home.

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The couple was able to find a knife in the kitchen and defend themselves. The husband was also able to grab his gun and shoot and kill the bear. There were children in the house but thankfully they were upstairs sleeping and ended up being unharmed according to KCRG.

The bear was an adult female and it did have a cub nearby, which most likely lead to the attack. The couple did suffer some injuries as well as multiple bites but thankfully survived this scary situation. The bear was taken in for testing by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

What To Do If You See A Bear

While bear attacks are pretty rare, they do happen. According to the National Park Service website, you need to identify yourself, stay calm, pick up any small children immediately, and make yourself look as large as you can. Talk calmly so the bear knows you are a human and not a prey animal. Stand your ground and slowly wave your arms. Most standing bears are curious and not threatening. Give the bear an escape route and try to leave the area slowly. DO NOT RUN or make any quick movements and don't scream. If you can, make sure to hike and/or travel in groups.

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