A parkade in Downtown Cedar Rapids is being transformed into a work of art!

Yesterday afternoon (April 20th, 2022), work officially began on a new mural in Downtown Cedar Rapids. According to the press release from the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, an exterior wall on the parking ramp at 2nd Avenue and the 4th Street trail will soon be home to an impressive work of art by an award-winning duo called NEVERCREW. The two men traveled all the way to Cedar Rapids from Switzerland to do the project after winning a competitive bid. This will be their 6th piece of public art in North America.

Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

The two artists of NEVERCREW are Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni, and according to their website, they've been working together since 1996. The website lists over 80 projects they've completed, and every single one of them is INCREDIBLE. Here are a few photos of murals from the NEVERCREW Instagram account:

The big question is: what is the mural in Cedar Rapids going to look like? The city is keeping the design under wraps, but the press release does note that "NEVERCREW’s concept captures several iconic images of Cedar Rapids within a multi-sided crystal that will comprise the majority of the mural." It's only one of several new art installations planned for Cedar Rapids in 2022.

The new mural from Nevercrew is expected to be complete by the end of April and unveiled sometime in June. You can read more about the project from KCRG HERE.

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