"I don't drink coffee". Say what? It simply boggles my mind how anyone can get through a day without caffeine. What do you do? Just get enough sleep? This includes people who have to get up and come to work much earlier than me.

Depending on how you measure a "cup" of coffee, I drink at least 2 of them a day just to exist, and closer to 4-5 in order to be productive. If I REALLY want a jolt, I'll chug down a 5-Hour Energy (the stuff's gotten way better-tasting over the years).  Some people say they just don't like the taste of coffee so they don't drink it. Fair enough.

A new survey is out from YouGov polling folks on how much coffee they drink. I demand a recount because the top answer is 0. 32 percent have no coffee. None. Zilch. All day. LIES.

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Broken down by region it's even more strange. Here in the midwest, 36 percent of people don't drink a drop of coffee, while 20 percent have 1 cup, another 20 percent have at least 2, 9 percent have 3 cups, 6 percent have 4, and 9 percent have 4 or more. I might be in the 1 percent who actually say they don't even KNOW how much coffee they drink. Regionally though, that 36 percent is the most of any geographic area. Folks on the west coast, you know, the ones who actually take care of their bodies because they have all the nice weather and do yoga and hike and climb mountains and exercise and stuff? They drink the least amount of coffee.

Speaking of sleep, the amount of coffee I drink (and how late in the day I keep drinking it) probably creates their own set of problems. But we won't talk about that.

This was a survey of 8,189 people so that's not a ton of people but if you want to see it broken into different categories and where you stand on the coffee "debate", click here. Meanwhile, I'm off for a refill.


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