Even though the show 'Friends' ended 15 years ago, it is still one of the most popular shows among people of all ages (thanks, Netflix). If you still love the show as much as I do, you're going to love this: a local restaurant is serving "The Moist Maker."

During episode nine of season five, titled "The One with Ross's Sandwich," Ross Geller becomes enraged when someone at work eats his sandwich. It's not "just a sandwich," though. It's filled with Thanksgiving leftovers and, as he states numerous times, it's the only good thing going on in his life.

Well, you can finally taste how delicious Ross' sandwich really was. The Map Room in downtown Cedar Rapids is now selling their own version of "The Moist Maker," and it looks magnificent.

The post says:

"Who’s ready for that Geller Family Thanksgiving sandwich on a burger?! We’ll start with a quarter pound smashed burger, topped with mashed potatoes, stuffing, roast pulled turkey, cranberry mayo & of course, the gravy soaked bread in the middle: the moist maker.
'...the only good thing going on in my life right now!'"

It appears that "The Moist Maker" is available to order now, but Thanksgiving is next week, so you better enjoy it while you can! We wouldn't want you turning into "Mental Geller..."

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