After a big secret was revealed about a week ago, and it was announced that a Professional Soccer team was coming to Cedar Rapids, instant reactions showed mixed opinions, self included.  However, upon further review, I'm thinking this might actually work. I was at the press conference last Thursday as the announcement was made, and instantly my mind went wild with curiosity wondering if this would be a good thing. To me, there were some major negatives standing out.  I questioned if there was enough soccer interest to support a professional team, especially when I heard the other teams were from Major cities, like Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Milwaukee.  They've got a huge population to draw from that Cedar Rapids simply doesn't have.  I get that soccer is a MAJOR sport worldwide, but is there simply interest locally?  Will this work?

After a few days of wondering, I started to see things a different way. A couple of big positives stood out. First off, as the school year ended, we had not one, but two High School state champs in our area (Xavier and Linn Mar).  That alone raises some major soccer interest.  Then you consider just how many kids in this area are interested in, and play soccer.  The number is way larger than the number who play football, and look how well the Titans have done.  Speaking of the Titans, their ownership/management is the same group that is behind this soccer team.  In 4 seasons, the Titans have built such a winning franchise, that they have just made the playoffs for the 3rd time. This is an organization that knows how to make winners, which is always good for building a fan base.  And I have to say, the Titans fans are very loyal and proud.  Finally, this isn't typical soccer.  This is quick action, high scoring soccer, meaning it's different, and more attractive if you ask me.  There isn't a lull; games shouldn't drag.

In that alone, the positives outweigh the negatives.  And now, we have some cold, hard facts coming in.  In case you hadn't heard, the organization is leaving the naming of the team up to the fans.  In 24 hours, over 900 entries had been submitted.  Sure, there could have been numerous entries from the same people, but still.  That number alone in such a short time does speak volumes.  Have you placed your entry yet?

We have had many name choices submitted since the team was announced last week. Some of the submissions include...

Posted by Cedar Rapids Professional Soccer on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We are all quick to judge when new things appear. In this situation however, maybe it's time to get swept up in the excitement, and anticipate what is to come.  I now can't wait for October 30th and to see how this all works out.