It's a polite way of saying we're ugly.

I considered polling my co-workers for their opinions on this, but decided I didn't want human resources after me.

There's a cliche' about how we "never look like we sound" or we have a "face for radio" and a new study confirms that about one-third of us in the industry ourselves agree.  I honestly do work with some rather attractive people, I'm just not one of them.

28 percent of people in a radio industry survey said they have a face for radio. It also asked other questions about the reasons they do radio in the first place. The Top 5 answers were that it's fun, we enjoy entertaining listeners, it's emotionally fulfilling, it's pretty much literally the only thing we're any good at (cough), and we enjoy our access and influence in the community.

It's definitely not something you do for the money, and the survey bore that out with only 14 percent of those taking the survey calling it their main priority.

Thank you for listening, and just be thankful some of us didn't go into TV.


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