A museum in Cedar Rapids is getting national attention after being mentioned on a popular talk show last month.

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In late June, the African American Museum of Iowa announced a major construction project that will close the facility for a year, as reported by the Gazette. 

This $5 million renovation will cover major changes to the museum such as entrance relocation (this is needed after Cedar Rapids' new flood control system), landscaping, and other functional necessities.

The year-long closure of the museum will begin on August 6th and hopefully wrap up in September of 2023. There will be multiple traveling exhibits that will help the museum staff achieve the goal of expanding their impact to a statewide level.

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Such a big project is starting to gain some national attention. On June 29th, the NBC talk show 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' poked fun at the renovation in a segment called 'Jokes Seth Can't Tell.'

It's a reoccuring bit that the comedian does on his program (it also just so happens to be my favorite from the SNL alum). Meyers brings on two of his writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel to tell jokes that he probably SHOULDN'T TELL.

"I deliver a monologue made up of jokes written by a diverse team of writers. As a result a lot of jokes come across my desk that, due to my being a straight white male, would be difficult for me to deliver."

Seth reads the setup for the joke and his two writers read the punchline.


"The African-American Museum of Iowa is planning a $5 million renovation," Seth reads.

And Ruffin, a black woman AND host of her own talkshow on Peacock, shoots back with a biting joke.

"That's how much it costs to pick it up and put it anywhere else," the comedian says.

You can watch the full moment and all of the other jokes from this segment down below!

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