Summer is here! And 104.5 KDAT wants to celebrate the hot weather and good vibes by sending your family to Adventureland in Altoona with four free passes to the famous amusement park!

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The park, now in its 49th season, has some great new additions in 2023 like The Flying Viking, the park's 7th rollercoaster, which is set to open very soon. If you're hungry, they also have a new food option to go along with The Flying Viking. A Viking-themed French fry stand called Potato Patch. Potato Patch is already a staple at Adventureland's sister park in Pittsburgh.

Adventureland, Facebook
Adventureland, Facebook

It's not an Iowa summer without a trip to Adventureland!

If you're fired up for an Adventureland trip, you'll want to enter below for a chance to win and, good luck!

For more information on Adventureland, check 'em out here.

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