How will you choose which of these advent calendars you need in your life this year? We'll take all 20. 

It's no secret that we love a good deal here at ZOK, and Aldi is full of great deals. But it's also not a secret that I love wine and fun activities, which is one of the many reasons last year I decided to commit to the Aldi wine calendar.

Every single day in December I popped a bottle and reviewed the wine on my Instagram story.

This year there are TWENTY DIFFERENT ADVENT CALENDARS coming to Aldi.

I feel like if I save a bunch of money starting today maybe I could afford half of them, but when will I find the time to actually use them all?

I say 'use' instead of 'consume' because this year there are more 'doing' calendars in the bunch that just eating or drinking.

Of course there will be the Christmas and New Year's wine calendars and the craft beer calendar like last year, and the cheese choice and all the candy options but also this year we're looking at:

  • Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Calendar
  • Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar
  • Huntington Home Advent Calendar Candle
  • Bee Happy Craft Advent Calendar
  • O’Donnell’s 12 Days of Irish Country Cream Calendar

I'm up for the Irish cream calendar and maybe the craft calendar too. It's gonna be a cold winter so why not stock up on things to do.

If you're more of a Friends fan than an Aldi fan, don't forget to pre-order your Friends advent calendar off of Amazon before they're sold out!


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