This COVID thing is going too far. First, toilet paper disappeared from shelves as though the nation all had eaten at Taco Bell in the same day. Then it was hand sanitizer, followed by disinfectant wipes, canned goods, hair care products, but now we're running low of the most important thing during these uncertain times: Frozen Pizza.

According to CNET, America has been tossing large piles of the pizzas into their freezers, because they last quite a long time. Between longevity and the simple fact that frozen pizza is one of the best comfort foods out there.

According to Newman's Own, sales in the first weeks of the pandemic were up to 190%, a jump the company wasn't prepared for, much like most industries across the board.

Mama Bosso, owned and operated in the Quad Cities, has seen a very similar demand, but say there's nothing to worry about.

"I'm unaware of a 'shortage', but at the beginning of the pandemic, all the frozen pizza was being bought from the shelves daily," said Scott Florence, CEO and President of Mama Bosso, "Stores that don't typically get daily services and deliveries saw outages."

He said that Wal-Mart adjusted their replenishment systems so end cap displays weren't being filled. The company asked local vendors, like Mama Bosso, to take care of the filling of those end cap displays.

"I'm seeing signs that the manufactures have adjusted again, and shelves are refilling. We are still about two weeks behind. Other manufacturers I've spoken with expect to see a near term uptick in frozen pizza sales during what is a typically slow season," Florence says.

The CEO said that overall, he's seeing sales numbers settling down to close-to-normal numbers.

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