Singing sisters Taryn Coccia and Payton Taylor will not being moving on to Hollywood Week on American Idol after all. They’ve returned their golden tickets.

After a long, emotional audition last month that had the potential to drive a stake between their bond, 17-year-old Coccia and 21-year-old Taylor shared on their respective social media pages that they'd made a decision that's best for their individual careers.

"We are sisters on a mission," Taylor writes on Facebook. "We are both about to launch our singles respectively and are ready to put the hard work into carving our own paths individually ... ALWAYS having each others backs. It's never a competition with us. We are ready to take the leap of faith into our own (extremely different) artistic paths ... and we hope you will join us."

Coccia adds on Instagram: "Although I was SUPER disappointed at first, I know that this is 100 percent the right decision for us, and what we’re trying to do in the music buisness (sic). We want you to see us for who we really are and we’re not striving for 15 seconds of fame."

Taylor did not plan on auditioning. She'd only turned out to play guitar for her sister and to support her dream of being on American Idol. But after the pop artist sang, judges started to ask questions and big sister was soon singing her own song — a cover of John Prine's "Angel in Montgomery." As it turns out she's an aspiring country artist in Nashville. It was an immediate "yes" from Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry for Taylor ... once they convinced she'd formally auditioned.

Coccia got a "no" from Perry, but Richie and Bryan liked her enough to move both on to Hollywood Week. A press release reveals that the entire family now lives in Nashville and both can be spotted performing at the Nashville International Airport on occasion.

Coccia and Taylor become the latest singers to return the golden ticket to Hollywood. Drake Milligan has also chosen to pursue a solo career in Nashville instead.

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