When you take into consideration the number of bars in Wisconsin, it should come as no surprise.

Then again, people are turning plywood shacks into bars so the number might be a little off.

Drink Wisconsinbly via Facebook
Drink Wisconsinbly via Facebook

Then again again, many Wisconsin cities were considered some of the drunkest in America.

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I guess what I'm saying is that Wisconsin being dubbed America's #1 Party State is not really all that shocking and kind of sort of well-earned.

Wise Voter:

Wisconsin is known for its bustling college towns and delicious cheese curds; it’s no wonder why this state tops the list. Wisconsin has an impressive number of bars per capita, ranking third among all states.

The state also consumes an average of 4 gallons of alcohol per person each year – more than any other state in America. Coupled with its strong culture of collegiate celebrations and sports fandom makes Wisconsin the perfect place to party the night away!

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Stevens Point Journal seems to have a good grasp on what cities party harder than others in Wisconsin.

Wisconsinites have built a well-deserved reputation for knowing how to have a good time. You can travel to virtually anywhere in the state, and you’re guaranteed the best of the best when it comes to grub, pubs and clubs.

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They listed Appleton, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, New Glarus, and Wisconsin Dells as perfect party spots.

I'll add that I've had a good time or two in Beloit and Minocqua so let's add them to the list also.

Do you think Wisconsin is the greatest party state in America?

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