The Iowa Department of Agriculture is proposing new rules on animal welfare in the state.

KCRG says we rank low in this area and new changes will make it safer and easier for everyone to bring a new four-legged friend into their family. It would require several things of breeders on their property including liquid water, cleaning of litter pans daily, as well as proper heating and cooling, if these conditions currently do not exist.

Is it me, or doesn't this sound like basic stuff? Maybe, but unfortunately, it's still an issue

Iowans have spoken up in a pretty substantial way, I think Iowans are tired of seeing Iowa on the very bottom of every welfare list

The above quote to KCRG was from Preston Moore of the United States Humane Society.

A new proposal to improve our standing in animal care is on the table and the public will get a chance to look at it soon. It is expected to be voted on by January of 2020.

[Via KCRG]

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