Everyone loves a cute, cuddly hyena, right? All kids grow-up wanting their very own pet rhino, correct? WELL TOO BAD! They're illegal in the Hawkeye state! Oh, I believe hawkeyes are illegal, too. Even though they... aren't... real. Yea.

Lions and tigers a bears... NO WAY. Not in Iowa. Sorry, Dorothy.

I've done some homework so you don't have to. I scoured Iowa law, specifically Iowa Code 717F; 21 Iowa Admin Code 77 which covers dangerous wild animals. Upon my search through the boring legalese, I found out there's really a lotta animals one legally can't own in this state. Pishh, commies. I've included the highlights below in the form of pics of cute, cuddly, mean, deadly, often evil animals.

The law was last updated in 2013, so maybe there's a chance there's missing animals?

It doesn't appear many 'fun' zoo critters are missing from the list. Oh, actually 'T-Rex' isn't on it. But, there's extra jargon to insure if you find an animal not on the list, you don't sneak it in under the guise it's possibly legal in Iowa.

So, let's dig in!

No Squirrel Monkey, Bub! These Animals Are ILLEGAL in Iowa

Don't even think about bringing home a cute baby elephant next time you're on safari! It's a NO GO in Iowa! (Duh?)

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