Heart have survived decades of changes, both internal and external — and while singer Ann Wilson feels confident that the band will emerge from the personal turmoil driving its current hiatus, she understands things will be different.

"Heart’s always been sort of like a cockroach," Wilson recently told Yahoo! Music. "You can set off a bomb, and it’ll still be alive underneath."

As previously reported, Ann and her sister, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson, are dealing with personal difficulties stemming from a family disagreement. Echoing her earlier assertion that the group can't continue to function until they undergo counseling, Ann told Yahoo! that for the moment, musical concerns are taking a back seat while they sort out the truly important stuff.

"What Nancy and I are doing right now is we’re working on our friendship and on our sisterhood," she explained. "The band, that’s something else again. That’ll come and go and evolve and shape. But we’ll be sisters long after everything else is gone. So we’re working on our own relationship right now. … Talking, letting water run under the bridge. Just cool down. Everybody chill."

Pointing out that Heart have been the focus of their career since they were young women, Wilson suggested this current break would be beneficial in the long run, predicting the group will be "fresher" whenever they're ready to put it back on the front burner. That being said, she understands that new chapter will come with changes.

"It’s never going to be like it was before. … We’re both individuals, with each other and without each other," said Wilson. "That’s a really cool thing."

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