Not only is it Easter this weekend, but another Spring tradition is back as well. I regularly receive e-mails in my work account from the City of Cedar Rapids. Not that they aren't all important announcements, but one I got recently was extra exciting. It was another of the many emerging signals we've been seeing that Spring is, indeed, here at last: the gates will soon open on the city parks in Cedar Rapids.

The e-mail mirrored the following Tweet.

The full-service park season begins Saturday, April 15. Restrooms, drinking fountains & pavilion rentals will be available.

The e-mail went on to say:

The Cedar Rapids Parks & Recreation Department leases 24 pavilions in the City’s parks for picnics, reunions and other gatherings. To rent a park pavilion, call the Cedar Rapids Parks & Recreation Department, (319) 286-5566, weekdays 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pavilion information and online rental is available at

I think that's enough said. Riley and I have relocated closer to Guthridge Park in Hiawatha, making it our new neighborhood park of choice. But for old time's sake,we may have to make a return visit or two to our old beloved Ellis as well. Enjoy your first weekend of the year at one of our beautiful local parks. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know if you'll be visiting any of them in the comments.

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