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Antonio Brown Makes Official Rap Debut as 'AB'

Check out the ex-NFL star's first ever music video, below!

Miley Cyrus Settles ‘We Can’t Stop’ Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Miley Cyrus settled the $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit over her hit song, "We Can't Stop." Jamaican artist Michael May, whose stage name is Flourgon, sued the pop star in March 2018 when he claimed that his 1988 track "We Run Things" closely resembled the 2013 smash from Cyrus' album Bangerz. Not only did he sue Cyrus, but he also sued the songwriters and producers of the song, Cyrus' record label, RCA Records, and her manager, Larry Rudolph. (via PopCrush)

National Divorce Day

Monday January 6 was dubbed National Divorce Day. It's always the first Monday of the new year. Why? Because Google and family lawyers see a surge of divorce inquiries on the first working Monday of the year. Divorce Day is the day where couples who were tolerating each other during the intense holiday season decide that they want to start the new year fresh. (via Insider)

8 Ways to Have the Best Week

The January Blues Are Real

The January Blues is a form of depression that many people feel after the holidays and sometimes before. The phenomenon can last for a few weeks and factors include the weather, debt level, the amount of time that's passed since Christmas, time since failing New Year's resolutions and low motivation levels. (via The Sun)

Lady Gaga Suffers From PTSD

Lady Gaga poured her heart out to Oprah over the weekend in a very candid interview. Gaga revealed that she suffered a mental breakdown that was triggered by sitting in a court deposition. She talked in depth about the medical crisis and what it was like for her brain to literally flat line. Gaga also talked about chronic pain, and how even just sitting there with Oprah she was in pain from head to toe. (via TMZ)

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