You may have just discovered that the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone also serves as a secret button, but that's not going to help you if your phone gets hacked. Thanks to some security bugs, a breach is a possibility.

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According to KCRG, Apple is urging its users to update their devices to the latest iOS 14.4 software to fix some major security flaws. Apple acknowledged on their website that hackers "actively exploited" three security flaws, but didn't give any specific details. KCRG reports that "the issue is a link in an exploit chain, which means a hacker would have to exploit more bugs for it to be fully executable". The new update was pushed out earlier this week for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. I updated my iPhone today and it took less than 10 minutes to complete. A small amount of time to wait to have a safe device.

Another new Apple update allows that logo on the back of your iPhone to serve as a secret button. Instructions on how you can set up the magic button are below:

How to Activate Secret Back Button on iPhone

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