You've heard of porch pirates: those thieves that snatch packages off your porch or doorstep that were delivered when you weren't home. They can really make Christmas miserable.

There's a new issue to look out for though, and since there's not really a term for it, I created one: "doorstep ditchers". It's not the delivery person's fault, they work long, hard hours, especially this time of year, and I've never had an experience where they didn't handle the package with care. This also isn't a matter of anyone stealing anything. This is strictly in the lap of the seller. I created the term after the following scenario was brought to  my attention.

The photo above is a picture of a Christmas gift my friend bought for her husband, fully expecting it to be delivered in much more conspicuous packaging than just the shipping label on the actual item in its original box. Instead, it came as-is, she had no idea it even had been delivered, and her husband, who the gift was for, caught it first. Christmas gift ruined. Not to mention, it's even easier for porch pirates to scope out their prey when they know exactly what's there.

I've had items smaller than this delivered in enough packaging to cover the above, so don't tell me it's about "protecting the environment" or cutting costs. Can we do better? Let's figure out more efficient packaging standards and make everyone's life easier. As with any delivery to your home or office, proceed with care and keep an eye on it so it's not a stolen or spoiled surprise.

What do yo think?

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