It is that time of year…. Time to watch all your favorite Christmas Hallmark movies! Whether you like them or not, everyone has seen at least one Hallmark movie. Honestly, that is all you really need to see in order to know what happens in every movie.

If you have not seen a Hallmark movie, let me give you the quick plot breakdown: woman meets man in small midwestern town, they usually despise each other at first, are then thrown together in an unlikely situation, start to fall in love, a bad secret is revealed causing them to break up, but then they find out it is a misunderstanding and live happily ever after.

Even after this plot being done every time for each movie, there is still the lot of us who will continue to watch each one even though we know what is going to happen. What can I say, we are all suckers for a sappy holiday romance!

Can you guess whether these plots are real or fake Hallmark movies? Take the quiz below to find out if you are a Hallmark junkie or rookie!