Perhaps there was little surprise when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson — who'd gotten engaged only a few weeks after they announced they were dating — confirmed on Sunday (October 14) that they'd broken up. Still, a new report says the split was totally circumstantial, and that in a different world, they may have still been together.

In a new Us Weekly story, a source close to the couple says that the September death of Mac Miller, Grande's ex-boyfriend, put even more of burden on the couple than had been previously reported.

“[Davidson's] sad. He’s really sad about this split, and he only wishes the best for Ariana, but their relationship was really complicated with the passing of [Miller],” the source says. “It put a tremendous amount of strain on their relationship.”

“Pete loved Ariana and wanted it to work, but they’ve both had such tragic events happen in their lives. And they are young," the source adds. “He’s really broken up about it...He acts like he’s doing OK, but his friends can tell he’s beating himself up about the breakup.”

Grande first broke her silence on the split on October 16, noting that recent events had impelled her to take a step back from social media.

“Ok today was v special and i’m so grateful i was able to be there (sic),” she said across a series of since-deleted Instagram stories. “Time to say bye bye again to the internet for just a lil bit. It’s hard not to bump news n stuff that I’m not trying to see rn (right now). It’s very sad and we’re all tryin very hard to keep going. love u. and thank u for bein here always.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in New York City

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