Ariana Grande's most recent performance of "Moonlight" along her Dangerous Woman Tour was temporarily eclipsed by a stage crasher who seemed intent on disrupting the show.

In a new eerie video posted by TMZ from Grande's February 1 stop at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, Grande gently croons through her album's fan-favorite ballad when an uninvited guest suddenly manifests among the set's fog. He inches closer and closer to Grande from behind without any sort of intervention before finally looping around and meeting the singer face to face. Only then do a handful of security escorts appear on stage to drag the man off.

Grande suddenly stops singing to address the incident, and shouts "Hey, hey! Chill out!" though it's not clear whether she's talking to the stage crasher or the man's security escorts.

Some concert-goers issued critical tweets after the event that chided Grande's team for being so slow to address the stage crasher.

"Ariana Grande’s security has a track record of being awful but letting someone just walk out on stage? Do yall’s jobs. Keep her safe. Mess,” one wrote.

Grande's Dangerous Woman tour will hit Boston's TD Garden next on March 3.

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