If you’re one of those people who claims it’s been so long since the first Avatar that you barely remember it, you’re going to get a chance to reacquaint yourself with the world of Pandora before The Way of Water arrives in multiplexes around Christmas. The original Avatar is getting a theatrical re-release next month in “4K High Dynamic Range.”

There’s a new trailer for the film’s re-release, which first opened in theaters back in 2009 and eventually became the highest-grossing movie in history. It was later eclipsed by Avengers: Endgame, but upon a previous re-release it reclaimed the top spot again. To date, it has earned more than $2.84 billion worldwide. The trailer notes that the film is returning to theaters “In 3D and all formats.” Boy, it’s been a while since anything was released in 3D after years where that became the industry standard for blockbusters thanks to Avatar’s phenomenal success...

The movie, from writer/director James Cameron, stars Sam Worthington as a former Marine who arrives on the planet of Pandora and becomes the driver of an “Avatar,” a body of the alien Na’vi race piloted by his own consciousness. He then falls in love with one of the Na’vi’s leaders, played by Zoe Saldana.

Cameron posted the film’s new poster on his Instagram account, noting that a newly remastered version of the movie deserved a new poster:

The remastered Avatar opens in theaters on September 23. The first of four planned sequels, Avatar: The Way of Water, which once again stars Worthington and Saldana, is scheduled to premiere exclusively in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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