Is it me, or even as an adult with no kids, doesn't the start of "Back-to-School" marketing make you really sad? We only have a month until school starts (actually, it starts August 23 in Cedar Rapids), but we do have a month. For the rest us, summer doesn't end until September 20th, when Fall officially begins. Yet, for some reason, we, and the kids, are already being subjected to "back-to-school" displays and signs in stores.

It's hard to think back to when I was in school, but I guess a month beforehand to start the barrage is kind of normal. But summer is so short, let the kids enjoy it! I recently posed this question on Facebook.

I've gotten responses of everything from feeling "rushed" to "it's not that early" and everything in between. Others said we should just move to year-round school. That's a debate for another day.

Please share your response to the above, whether you're a kid, a parent, a teacher or even like me, a single childless adult who isn't ready for any sign of the end of summer.

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