This story really bites.

Imagine. Friends, family and other guests have come from near and far to help you celebrate the most special day of your life. Now imagine an infestation of cockroaches crash the party.

Ew. That's the nightmare Jennifer Werderitsch reported to the Johnson County health department after several of her wedding guests claimed they were greeted by these pests while staying at the Hyatt Place in downtown Iowa City to help her enjoy her nuptials.

At least nine people claimed to have seen and/or been bitten by bed bugs and cockroaches, with the hotel not doing much to fix it. After one guest demanded her luggage be replaced, the best they said they could do was refund one of the three rooms reportedly infested.

It's the fourth report of bed bugs this year, according to the Johnson County health department but the hotel manager insists inspections were done, resulting in a clean bill of health for the hotel.

Not quite the buzz you expect to have around your wedding.

[Via KCRG]


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