A recent post on their Facebook page may have given the impression that times were dire for a favorite local Cedar Rapids eatery, to the point of rumors they might be going out of business. But the owners of the popular Vivian's Soul Food will soon gather with staff to figure out a way to keep the doors open.

Vivian's Soul Food became an instant hit after it opened in July 2017, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, in an old Zio Johno's Restaurant at 2925 Williams Parkway SW. It survived the pandemic and is now struggling with an increase in supply costs and inflation causing potential customers to stay home more than they used to.

But the folks at Vivian's are not giving up. Their mission, as noted on their website, is "to bring people of all walks of life and backgrounds together through Soul Food." They are doing that daily by serving up homestyle comfort food and hope to those who walk through the door every day. But in an apparent effort to serve more customers and reduce their own costs to stay afloat, some of that signature comfort food will be served on a slightly less frequent basis, offering only their "Quick Service" menu during late-night hours. You have to say that's a pretty easy ask to keep such a beloved spot alive.

Owner Jerome Smallwood and his team are counting on the continued support of the community to see them through the rough time they and the rest of their counterparts in the restaurant industry are encountering now.

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