The swimming pool is certainly going to be the place to be the next few days.

With temperatures warming up to near 100 and heat index numbers above that, heat watches are in place and you'll be looking for any place you can find to cool off.

Unfortunately, one pool that is open year-round in Cedar Rapids is temporarily closing for renovation, right at the height of the scorching summer season. Bender Pool is the Cedar Rapids Parks & Recreation's indoor facility at 940 14th Ave. and it will be closed starting at 3 p.m. on July 19. But for good reason.

Bender has work to do to become more ADA compliant. They will upgrade or replace restroom fixtures and partitions and install ADA-compliant baby-changing tables. They will also work on regrading all the floors and decks to proper slopes; replace floor tile throughout the building, and redesign the front entry.

Exterior improvements will include removing, modifying, and regrading sidewalks to conform to slope requirements, adding steps, and removing trees and parking strips.

Renovations should be completed by September 2, with the pool reopening the following day. Check out Bender's hours here. Meanwhile, check out where you can take a dip at other watering holes for the remainder of summer here.

[Via City of Cedar Rapids, City of Cedar Rapids press release]

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