If you're looking for a career change, you might find one of the best jobs here in Iowa.

According to WalletHub if you want to find a good, new job in 2020 these two cities in Iowa are among the best cities for finding a quality job. Iowa has two cities in the top 50.

  • #17 - Cedar Rapids
  • #45 - Des Moines

Cedar Rapids pulled in a '30' score in job market rank, and a whopping 9th place in socioeconomic rank. (This means how economic activity affects and is shaped by social processes.)

Des Moines overall was 43rd and 49th in job market and in its socioeconomic scores.

The study examined affordable housing, highest and lowest median income, and unemployment rate (among other factors) to determine the results. The overall best city on the list is Scottsdale, Arizona. Cedar Rapids is the first Midwestern city to appear on the list, with Madison, Wisconsin scoring the next highest with an overall rank of 40.

Source: WalletHub

Find more  results here.

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